Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rock the Vote!

In honor of Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday and Presidents Day the Library has a challenge for all of you teens. Make a difference today! If you are old enough to vote and have taken the time to learn about the issues, follow the link to get registered now. Your vote counts!

If your not old enough to vote, it doesn't mean you can't get involved. Learn about the about the whole voting process and your rights as a citizen! Then work on making the difference without voting. Volunteer at a church, library, hospital or school. Help a neighbor clean out their garage or babysit a friends pet for them while they are away. Just do a good deed and remember to pay all good deeds forward. As a matter of fact, even if you are old enough to vote you can still volunteer or help others out because it just feels good and it is the right thing to do!

Rock the Vote, get moving and make a difference anyway you can!

See you at the polls!

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