Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to School: Homework Center

This week's focus is FCPL's virtual Homework Center.

We hope you've already discovered this site in your visits to FresnoLibrary.org, but even if you haven't it's never too late to benefit from what you'll find there.

On the Homework Center site, you'll be able to access high-quality study and research resources hand-picked for you by our librarians. Whether you need help with English, math, history, science, language-learning, biographical research, test prep (ex. SAT), art, music, or college planning and financial aid applications, your library's got you covered! So you can get an idea of the kind and depth of content we've conveniently located for your use, here's what's featured on the Literature page:

You will need your library card handy to log into the Literary Reference Center, but none of the other resources listed here require a special login. As you'll see, however, the Literary Reference Center can be a real boon to students who need to figure out the historical or author contexts for a work of literature, or those who are simply trying to understand what has "happened" in a short story or book:

Clicking around the links on the left-hand side of the page, you can easily access fairly substantial listings of biographies for the author, literary criticism pertaining to her work, and plot summaries of her literary works, and each of these sources is considered much more reliable than most of what you will unearth on the open Web.

Similarly credible sites and databases on science and other topics can be found on the Homework Center as well!

Of course, if the resources on the Homework Center aren't quite what you're looking for, FCPL librarians are always happy to help you find what you need! We encourage you to drop by any of our branches for research assistance and other homework help, or simply a safe, welcoming space to study and work on your school projects.

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