Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to School: Points of View Reference Center

Chances are you'll be asked to write at least one persuasive essay assignment or speech this semester, and sometimes it can be difficult to even pick a topic, let alone choose a stance on the issue you've decided to focus on. Often, writer's block sets in because we simply don't have enough information to go on; we might be reluctant or unable to join important conversations about pressing issues, because we aren't sure what all the various perspectives are or why these are significant.

That's where Points of View Reference Center can really come in handy.

This database features background information, pro and con articles, and research guides on 250+ controversial issues that people within our society are actively discussing.

You can check out trending issues:

 Or browse according to your own current interests:

And, of course, you also have the option of conducting basic and advanced searches:

Whatever route you take, you can expect to find useful background info and resources on your topic, conveniently bundled together for you. For example, if you happened to be writing a persuasive paper on the topic of censorship for Banned Books Week, Points of View Reference Center would get you off to a pretty great start:

Fresno County Public Library subscribes to this database, so you can access everything it has to offer for free with your library card!

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