Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stand Up and Be Counted

If you’re 18 or older on Election Day, a U.S. citizen, and a California resident, you are eligible to cast your ballot in the state of California during the 2016 presidential general election—but to do so, you need to register by October 24th!

You can do it in just a few simple steps:

1. Check to see if you are already registered to vote.
If you’re age 18 or over, and even if you’ve only just had your eighteenth birthday, it’s possible you’re already a registered voter: for example, teens16-17 are allowed to pre-register, so you may have done this at some point and simply forgotten about it. You can easily check your voter registration status by going to , clicking on “My Voter Status,” and filling in a short form there to search your record.

2. If you’re not registered…register!
Visit to register online. You must be registered by October 24 to vote in the 2016 general election on November 8. In order to register online, you will need:
  • Your California driver license or California identification card number
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • Your date of birth (you must be 18 years old by Election Day)
If you prefer an old-school paper voter application, you can get one at the DMV or county elections office.

3. Find your polling place.
The California Secretary of State has made it easy for us to find out where to go on election day. To discover your polling place, all you have to do is visit , click on “Sample Ballot and Polling Place Lookup” for Fresno, and then enter a few basic pieces of information about yourself.

4. You can also arrange to vote by mail/absentee ballot
Any registered California voter can choose to vote by mail. If you need to, or simply want to, skip the polls, download and complete the California Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application (available at and submit it to your county elections office by November 1.

5. Vote!
Whichever way you opt to do it, don’t forget to vote!

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