Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Reading Recommendations

We asked for Fall reading recommendations, and we couldn't be more excited about the great suggestions we received. Kelsey L. has won our random drawing for the prize bundle, but you're all winners in our book!

Below, you'll find catalog links to the recommended books. We've linked to records for the print versions of these books, but many are available in e-book and book on CD formats as well. Where a trilogy or series has been suggested, we have simply linked readers to the first book (but rest assured we've got the others!).

Happy reading!

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

“A Court of Thorns and Roses is a fantasy romance series that will have you at the edge of your seat. Although it took me about 100 pages to really get into it, it is a read you won’t regret. The story-telling and writing is just phenomenal and this author will leave you wanting more. And the twists and turns are so well thought-out-out and unlike anything I’ve ever read. Highly recommend.” – Kelsey L.

Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn

“I recommend the Christy Miller series because it is a fun, clean romance that any young girl can read. It has a Christian base, but you learn alongside the character about this faith. A definite must-read.” – Kelsey L.

Defiance trilogy by CJ Redwine

“The Defiance trilogy is one of the only trilogies I have read all the way to the last book and felt completely satisfied. So good I’m rereading it again. It’s a dystopian novel with a fierce female protagonist and a clever, hot tech nerd as the male counterpart. Magnificent series.” –Kelsey L.

Legend by Marie Lu

“I chose this book because it has the excitement of Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent all together! You won’t be able to put the book down!” – Alexaa M.

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

“I think it is a really great book to just be able to sit down and get emotionally into.” – Sydney G.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

“This book is very funny, sad, and inspiring. I recommend it because it is a good book.” – Nicolas B.

Thank you to everyone who helped us build our Fall reading list, and stay tuned for more interactive content and contests!

Here's a little treat in the meanwhile:

The Library has just acquired Marissa Meyer's new novel, Heartless. In this prequel to Alice in Wonderland, Cath would rather open a bakery and marry for love than accept a proposal from the King of Hearts, especially after meeting the handsome and mysterious court jester.

Interested in this one? Request it, before the holds list climbs!

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