Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Just a few more days left...

Hey, everyone...

In case you missed it, we're doing a little experiment on the blog this month: we're inviting you to contribute book recommendations for our Fall reading list.

Sure, we could probably put together a pretty solid list of titles on our own, but we're more interested in what you're reading and enjoying. Consider this a golden opportunity to gush about your favorite book(s) and/or series, judgment-free, and grow your favorite fandom by pointing us all in the direction of these exciting reads.

As was mentioned in an earlier post, the Fall reading list will be featured here, for everyone to enjoy, and anyone who sends us a recommendation will be entered into a drawing for a small prize bundle:

We've received some wonderful recommendations so far (thank you to all who have submitted!), but we've still got room for more. We're accepting recommendations (for this list) through 11:59 PM this Sunday (Nov. 6th), and we'd love to hear from you!

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