Thursday, December 1, 2016

Student Discounts? Yes, Please!

Headed to college soon, or already attending? Some kind people on the Internet have compiled listings of discounts you can get with a valid student ID or .edu address--so you can make your financial aid, or paychecks from that first job stretch a bit farther!

Here's one very recent and especially extensive one: 60 Awesome Student Discounts: Flash Your College ID for These Deals on Clothes, Tech, Travel, and More

This post covers a few discounts not mentioned there: 40 Store Discounts You Can Get With a Student ID

However, you can find many additional lists through even the briefest of Google searches, and even if a student discount isn't specifically advertised by a store or restaurant, it never hurts to ask! As the author of the second piece points out, many places don't advertise student discounts, but an associate or server will be able to tell you if one is available.

Happy deal-hunting!

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