Saturday, January 28, 2017


Have you checked out Freegal yet?

Freegal is a streaming and download service, freely available to Fresno County Public Library users. Just by logging in with your library card barcode, you can use Freegal to stream or download over 8 million songs and 15,000 music videos, and much of featured music is stuff you're likely to have heard on the radio. Overall, so far we've had some positive experiences using the service.

For one thing, it's very easy to use Freegal, whether you prefer to listen at your computer, or through a mobile device: Apple and Android apps are available. Similar to iTunes or Amazon's mp3 store, Freegal allows you to browse by genre and top-sellers.

A sample of some of the genres available on Freegal.
Because Freegal makes it so easy to browse by genre, you can discover new music almost instantaneously. Music is constantly being added to Freegal, and among these additions you're just as likely to find pop music as some more obscure or "niche" genres that don't see heavy (or any) rotation on radio stations. Better yet, Freegal's free streaming means you can preview artists you've never heard of, before you commit to their full album(s).

Perhaps the main "selling point" of Freegal for most people though, is that you can use it to legally download music to your mp3 player or iTunes, or burn downloaded music onto CD for ease of listening. Freegal does keep track of downloads (3 downloads per week), so you have to choose wisely, but you can always save music to your "Wishlist" to be downloaded later, or stream it during your allotted 3 hours per day of listening time.

Also, like Amazon Prime Music and some similar services, Freegal features themed playlists--everything from violin sonatas to playlists for fans of specific sports teams. If you find it difficult to concentrate on homework in your designated study area(s), these might turn out to be pretty useful! You can even create your own, personalized playlists from a few favorite tracks, or whole albums. Here's one in progress:

Can you believe you can do all of this on a single site, for free, just by logging in with your Fresno County Public Library card barcode?

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