Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Saroyan Writing Contest 2017

How have your friends influenced you? How has your life changed because of a friendship? If you're a local student, we want to hear your story!

Every year, the William Saroyan Society, in partnership with Fresno County Public Library and the Fresno County Office of Education, holds a writing contest for students, and this year's theme is "What is Friendship?" Sometimes teachers make this contest a class project to encourage writing, but you can also enter on your own! It's a little-known fact, but even college students are eligible and encouraged to enter.

So, start drafting those stories and send them in (by 5 pm on April 1st)! At the very least, you will have documented important life experiences to look back on years from now, but you might just win one of the contest prizes as well! You can pick up a copy of the entry form pictured below at any of the Fresno County Public Library branches.

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