Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Librarian has the Best Summer Ever with the FCPL Summer Challenge: Part 2

by Fae Giffen, Community Librarian 

Hi! My name is Fae and I’m a Community Librarian for Fresno County Public Library. I’m determined to have the best summer ever by doing the Fresno County Public Library Summer Challenge and sharing my experiences with you on this blog.

Here's what I did this week.

#19 Download or stream music on Freegal
Do you know about Freegal? It’s a free music service that you can use with just a library card. You can stream or download music from an enormous catalog of songs and videos. Best of all, no late fees! I was blown away when I saw all the music I could access by logging onto my Freegal account with my library card. So, what’s the first thing a librarian does when faced with this much free music? She starts searching for the E.L.O. classic "Turn to Stone," of course! You can’t really have the Best Summer Ever without a little Jeff Lynne blasting to help your car dancing game. And there it was, just waiting for me.

If the music sounds a little familiar, you may be thinking of this summer’s hit movie Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2, which opens with an action sequence set to the equally delightful E.L.O. song, "Mr. Blue Sky." Oh, look: Freegal has that one too. Take it away, ELO!
#42 Read a new genre
Did I mention last week that Stephen King’s It is the first horror novel I’ve read? There has been a ton of suspense and a fair amount of fantasy and sci-fi in my reading history, but somehow horror has passed me by. It’s going swimmingly. Things I am currently concerned about:
1.       Pennywise, the Clown is hiding under my bed.
2.       Pennywise, the Clown is hiding in my closet.
3.       Pennywise, the Clown is hiding in my bathtub.
#18 Connect with the library on social media.
Our social media team is pretty awesome. Every day, they amaze me with creative new content. If you don’t follow FCPL on social media, I recommend you start. I could, and have, spent hours looking through our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest posts. My current obsession is the free coloring sheets on Pinterest. So many choices: everything from Gatsby to dragons, just waiting to be colored in.

#12 Have fun outside

There was one way, and one way only, to have fun outside this weekend. You had to be underwater, and I spent considerable time there. I jumped into my parents' pool at 5:45PM on Friday and emerged at 7:30PM on Sunday. I ate, read, and lived poolside. I even attempted a nap on one of the giant pool floats, but rolled off and fell in. Live and learn.

See you next week, for another update on my Summer Challenge progress!


Rebekah said...

That's funny about Pennywise LOL

Spookygirl said...

#3 was the one I was always afraid of.. Pennywise anywhere really..

jackie said...

It's funny why would you try to sleep in a pool.