Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Librarian has the Best Summer Ever with the FCPL Summer Challenge: Part 3

by Fae Giffen, Community Librarian 

Hi! My name is Fae and I’m a Community Librarian for Fresno County Public Library. I’m determined to have the best summer ever by doing the Fresno County Public Library Summer Challenge and sharing my experiences with you on this blog.

Here's what I did this week.

# 16 Check out a book with your library card.

I decided to visit my old friend Madeline today.

# 6 Re-read your favorite book.

This is my first favorite book, or at least the first favorite book I remember. The first of the Madeline books by Ludwig Bemelmans introduces us to a young Catholic boarding school student named Madeline who can’t help but start a little trouble every now and then. I was fascinated by this book as a child and could spend hours lost in the adventures of Madeline and her friends. How I dreamed of living in a vine-covered house in Paris and visiting tigers at the zoo! This was the book that started many of my literary obsessions, including boarding school stories, architecture, old European cities, illustration art, and plucky, red-headed heroines, who always mean to do the right thing, but somehow never manage to be too well-behaved. It all started here, with twelve little girls in two straight lines.

# 37 Share a playlist.

Let’s talk about the art of the playlist. It’s a delicate science to balance the right songs to create the perfect soundtrack for your life. I started honing this particular life skill back in the 1990s on actual mixtapes, sometimes by holding a tape recorder up to the radio to capture a song. History! But time marches on, and my mixtapes became CDs and then playlists--but the obsessive desire for the perfect song list never changed. In fact, once I discovered the vast catalogs of streaming music services, it only became stronger. Freegal especially has become a large part of my playlist strategy. With so much free music, how can you not have some fantastic musical adventures? Presented to you: my Freegal summer playlist. There’s even a Fresno band in there (Hi, Sparklejet!). It’s a work in progress, but so is summer.

#29 Try a new activity

I should thank fellow librarians Kristin Baer and Jessica Hall for helping me complete challenge #29.  They’ve been spending their free time learning to swing dance and talked me into coming along. I learned to shimmy and shake, thanks to the great instructors at the Fresno Swing Dance. Their Tuesday night classes have beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels as well as a social dance afterwards just for fun. If you want to check them out without signing up for a class, the group often dances at the Cultural Arts Park during Art Hop nights. Either way, it’s a great way to meet new people and stay active this summer.

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