Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Librarian has the Best Summer Ever with the FCPL Summer Challenge: Part 6

by Fae Giffen, Community Librarian 

Hi! My name is Fae and I’m a Community Librarian for Fresno County Public Library. I’m determined to have the best summer ever by doing the Fresno County Public Library Summer Challenge and sharing my experiences with you on this blog.

#3 Visit someplace new.

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Dark Sky festival at Sequoia National Park. And now it’s time for true confessions: I grew up in Fresno and I’ve never been to Sequoia. Not even once! Tragic, right? It’s an hour and a half away and I’ve never managed to get around to it. If you are in the same sad, neglectful position I was in, I recommend that you correct it as soon as possible! The park is amazing and full of so many different experiences you’re sure to find something to appeal to your own vacation needs. We hiked, we visited museums, we picnicked, but mostly we just enjoyed cooler weather, pretty scenery, and good friends.

#1 Look at the stars.

Did I mention we were there specifically for the Dark Sky festival? It’s an annual event at the park celebrating astronomy. Sequoia is famous for the blackness of its night skies that allow you to see stars you would never know even existed in a city like Fresno. We were treated to a lecture from a professor of astronomy at UCLA that showed us the magnificent stories of the gods that can be found in the stars if you just know where to look. Now I can find the North Star, just like early explorers did to find their way home.

#21 Go e-device free for 1 hour.

Did I ever! My friends and I were staying in a rented house in Three Rivers, which is a little town just outside the Sequoia park gate. It’s adorable and completely lacking in decent cell service. I’m sure it’s possible to get service through someone up there, but my cell phone provider abandoned me as soon as I arrived. I basically went e-device free for 48 hours with short breaks when I could log onto a Wi-Fi network. It turns out it was just what I needed. Even though I went to bed late and got up early, I felt completely rested after a break from my emails and text messages and social media. Besides, who needs to be staring at a screen when this is your dinner view?

#32 Read for 40 minutes.

Decks with great views make excellent reading nooks.

#40 Read outside.

So do trees.

What did you do last week? Leave us a comment here to share your summer update.

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Anonymous said...

Were you still reading Stephen King's IT while you were reading outside?