Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Make Your Own Breaks, Literally and Figuratively: Create Your Way to Success @ FCPL

Psst! If you missed out on FCPL's Summer Challenge DIY programs, you can catch up on our YouTube channel. Find the playlist here.

These crafts are fun and easy to create, perfect for Back to School, and you can complete each over the course of a single, brief study break.

In fact, you should probably take one of those anyway.

After all, researchers in a 2008 University of Illinois study documented apparent drops in the brain’s "attentional resources" after a long period of focusing on a single task, and other studies have also found that constant, unrelenting practice doesn't necessarily make "perfect." It appears that brief distractions actually help the brain do a better job of focusing on stuff.

So, there's your justification.

Take a break, and make it an enjoyable one.


P.S. FCPL continues to offer a wide range of arts & crafts programs at various branches. Check out our calendar for locations and times (to see only these kinds of events, uncheck everything except "Arts & Crafts" under "Event Types" and then click "Find" to reload the calendar page).

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